Get Out of Jail Fast and Back Home With 24-7 Bail Bonds in San Diego

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Around the clock bail bonds in San Diego make it simple to get yourself, a family member or a friend out of jail in record time. Plus, response times are immediate and there are all sorts of payment options you can arrange to enhance flexibility.

No Bond is Too Large

Seasoned bond agents know that no bond is too large. A bond is typically 10 percent of your bail amount, presented to the court on your behalf by the bond agent. If you don’t even have all of the 10 percent, you might be able to pledge collateral as a guarantee of payment.

In addition, you may quality for special discounts of up to 20 percent if you are a lifetime resident, a union member, a member of AARP or a member of the military. Another wonderful, viable payment option entails paying 1/2 of your bond and related fees up front and the rest in monthly installaments

The Application Process

Applying for bail bonds in San Diego is much easier than it sounds. Agents can meet you anywhere, during an emergency and can even make house calls. After estimating your bond needs, you only have to fill out a handful of forms. Specific types of forms vary, but all of the pertinent forms are some version of a defendant application, an indemnitor financial statement, a bail bond agreement and a San Diego bail bond agreement.

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