Effective Tree Care Tips to Help Your Trees Thrive in Fort Myers FL

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Tree Service

A tree is a masterful work of natural art, providing shade, fresh air, and exceptional natural beauty. Whether you have one tree or a whole forest on your property, then, proper tree care is crucial to maintaining the beauty of your landscape. To help you with your Tree Care in Fort Myers, FL, here are a few effective tree care tips.

Water Regularly

It is so easy to overlook trees when you’re watering the other plants around your property. Unfortunately, a lack of water puts trees at risk for disease, which could eventually require the removal of the tree. While it may seem like trees have some type of limitless supply of water, the fact is that even mature trees need to be watered on a regular basis. Depending on local rainfall totals, you should be watering mature trees on your property 1-2 times a month to ensure they get the correct amount of water.

Prune Carefully

Another important tip for tree care in Fort Myers, FL, is to take care when removing low-hanging branches from your trees. Rather than breaking them off at the trunk, it’s important to leave a short section of the removed branch extended from the trunk. This allows the tree to properly cover over the removed branch, protecting itself from pests that could carry disease. If you break the branch off right at the trunk, though, you will create what is essentially an open wound, which puts the tree at a higher risk for invasion.


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