How to Lower Your Costs on Building Supplies in the San Francisco Bay Area

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No matter how large or small the project, building a new construction can end up costing you much more than you originally estimated. Where you go for building material supply in the San Francisco Bay area can make a big difference in keeping those costs low. Additionally, there are a few tips and hidden tricks that professional builders use that can save you money on buying your materials.

Ask For Discounts

You can save a bundle just by asking for a discount. In particular, look for clearance items in the big box home hardware and lumber stores. These are usually items that need to be liquidated to make room for new products. A store that’s eager to get rid of these items will sometimes accept less just to get rid of the inventory.

Look For Misorders

Some stores will auction off items that they received as the result of erroneous orders or cancelled orders. You can usually get a nice bargain on extra windows or surplus sheets of paneling. Selling these items at a discounted rate will save the store from the trouble and expense involved in trying to return the items to the manufacturers.

Buy in Bulk

Try to buy as much in bulk as possible even if that means having a little extra left over. A store that specializes in building material supply in the San Francisco Bay area may offer attractive discounts on bulk orders. Additionally, you’ll have some extra material in the event that you make a mistake in building your new construction.

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