3 Child Custody Issues That Require Help From a Family Lawyer

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Child custody arrangements don’t always remain the same. There are times when the original plan is no longer in the best interests of the child. When that happens, the noncustodial parent may choose to take actions designed to correct the issue. A Frederick County family lawyer can help the client pursue those actions. Here are some examples of situations that would merit a possible change in the custody arrangement.

If you have reasons to believe that your child is not living in a safe environment, taking legal action to secure physical custody may be the answer. As your lawyer will explain, the court will require more than your suspicions. What is needed is evidence that something about the current living situation is detrimentally affecting your child and does pose a real and present danger. Your lawyer can help you evaluate the circumstances and determine how to proceed.

Another issue that may arise is that the child may express the desire to live with you most of the time. Assuming the child has reached a certain age, the court may be willing to listen closely to the child’s wishes and why the desire for a change is present. In order to determine if the court would entertain a motion for a change and if the grounds have a reasonable chance of succeeding, a thorough evaluation by your lawyer is a must.

Your Frederick County family lawyer can also help with taking action if your visitation privileges are being denied. When there’s an ongoing effort by the custodial parent to prevent you from seeing your child, legal action may be necessary to correct the situation. Your lawyer can provide counsel on how to pursue the case, the possible ramifications to the custodial parent, and what sort of outcome could occur.

The bottom line is that you do need help from a Frederick County family lawyer when anything about the custody arrangement is not going as planned. Whatever issue you face, seek legal counsel today. Doing so will help you be aware of all possible options, and aid in making the decisions that are best for you and for the child.

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