Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With a Child Support Situation

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Laws associated with child support are complex. Also, the court will not look kindly on parents who do not provide for their children. You must avoid these common mistakes associated with child support.

You are likely to get that best outcome by working with Aurora child support lawyers. Having a lawyer who specializes in family law on your side is the best way to protect the interests of your children and protect yourself.

Aurora child support lawyers know how to navigate the court system. They understand child support laws and requirements. They know what a reasonable amount is to expect for child support and can serve as an advocate for you and your children.

Be completely honest about your income. If you do not report it properly, this will damage your case. Even if you accidentally fail to report a side gig, this will damage your credibility.

Not reporting your income completely could leave you in contempt of court, you could pay a fine, and it could negatively affect your case for custody. You must also report income changes as necessary.

Never assume anything about child support. For example, because you quit a job or receive unemployment, this will not necessarily affect child support. Always consult with Aurora child support lawyers.

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