Steps to Purchasing a Bail Bond in Upper Marlboro, MD

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After an arrest, a defendant’s main priority is getting home to their loved ones. Purchasing a bond in Upper Marlboro, MD can help make that priority a reality. Follow these steps to secure a bail bond for yourself or a loved one.

Gather All Necessary Information

The bail bondsman will need certain information to start the bail bond application. They will need to know the full name and booking number of the defendant as well as the facility where they are being held. With this information, they will be able to look up the bail amount, and they can calculate how much the bond fee is as well as what various down payment and repayment options would be.

Signed Agreement

A friend or relative is usually the indemnitor on a bond agreement. The indemnitor signs the contract, provides any necessary down payments and collateral, and agrees to make any required future payments to satisfy the bond fee. The indemnitor is financially responsible for making these payments regardless of the case outcome. Additionally, if the defendant fails to make their required court appearances, the bondsman may collect on the collateral.

Posted Bail

After the bail agreement has been signed, the bail bondsman will post the bail with the court, and the defendant will be released from jail. Depending on the circumstances, the entire bail process can take just a few hours.

Is the Bond Fee Refundable?

When individuals post the full bail amount with the court without using a bail bondsman, they can receive the bail amount back once all court obligations have been satisfied. However, when an individual uses a bail bondsman, the fee they pay for the bond is not reimbursable. That money covers the job of the bail bondsman.

Benefits to Using a Bail Bond

Bail bonds can be beneficial even if an individual has cash on hand to pay it in full. Individuals can secure a defendant’s release without tying up significant amounts of cash for several months at a time. Additionally, a bail bond involves more confidentiality into a defendant’s private financial situations. Contact us for any questions about obtaining a bail bond in Upper Marlboro, MD.