• May 29, 2023

Things You Should Know Before You Buy Chicago Car Insurance

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Unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to the details when they buy Chicago car insurance. For many people, they only look over the documentation after a collision, when there is property damage, injuries, or death. A large number of consumers are not aware of the issues with their car insurance until they try to file a claim.

Your Credit Score Affects Your Premium Cost

In the old days, your individual credit score did not play a role in the rate you were quoted when you went to buy Chicago car insurance. However, today it is more common for an insurance carrier to check your credit as part of the quoting process. This is called determining the insurance risk score.
The idea behind this process is that a person who has a low credit score is more likely to file a claim than someone who has a higher score. Insurance companies think a low credit score could indicate that a person has a habit of missing payments. Likewise, insurance companies feel that someone with a good credit rating is a responsible person who will make their payments on time.

A Standard Policy Does Not Cover Personal Item Theft

Many people just assume when they buy Chicago car insurance that a standard policy includes coverage for a stolen cell phone, laptop, or other personal items left inside the car. Unfortunately, these things are not covered under a standard auto insurance policy.

On the other hand, if you have a homeowner’s insurance policy, you may want to consider asking for coverage for items such as this. You will still have to file a report with the police and pay for the coverage deductible, but at least it will not be a total loss.

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