What You Should Know About Cataract Surgery In Oahu

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In Hawaii, cataracts are a milky development that forms over the eye and causes vision difficulties. The developments affect adults who are around 50 or older. The cataracts aren’t considered a serious condition and won’t cause further damage if the patient doesn’t have surgery immediately. A local eye surgeon completes Cataract Surgery in Oahu.

What is Cataract Surgery?

It is a surgery where the doctor removes the eye lens due to a cloudy development that hinders the vision. An artificial lens is placed over the eye to protect the eye and improve the vision. The procedure is performed in a clinical setting and under general anesthesia.

The surgery is completed when the patient’s vision in the eye is blocked by the development. If the cataract is minimal, then the doctor might recommend different treatments.

What are the Risks of Cataract Surgery?

The surgery comes with certain risks. The risks include inflammation, bleeding, swelling, and drooping eyelids. The dislocation of the artificial lens is also possible, but the doctor can correct the condition through a new procedure. Other risks are secondary cataracts, loss of vision, and glaucoma.

How Do Patients Prepare for the Procedure?

First, the doctors perform ultrasound tests for measuring the size of the eye. The test helps the doctor create the artificial lens after the natural lens is removed from the eye. All patients are advised to stop taking any blood-thinning medications as they cause excessive bleeding during and after the surgery. The patient uses specific eye drops before the procedure to reduce the potential for infections. The doctors recommend that the patient stop eating at least 12 hours before the procedure.

After the Procedure

The patient must keep the bandages on the eye for at least twenty-four hours. Some doctors require the patient to go home and take a sedative. The medication allows the patient to sleep pain-free and gives the eye time to heal. The patient should also avoid direct sunlight for the first 24-hours following the procedure.

In Hawaii, cataracts aren’t a serious condition, but they hinder the vision. The condition is a common problem for anyone over the age of 50. Patients who need to learn more about Cataract Surgery in Oahu contact Hawaii Vision Clinic for an appointment today.