Strengthen Your Case with Automobile Accidents Attorneys in Valdosta, GA

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

As many as 50 million accidents happen on America’s roadways each year, all of which entail a number of different circumstances. Proving who is at fault in many of these accidents can be difficult and complicated. Automobile accidents attorneys in Valdosta, GA have resources and skills at their disposal to help make the process a bit more straightforward. If you’ve been in an accident, keep a few key points in mind when filing a claim.

Fault Can Lie with Numerous Sources

In the majority of accidents, drivers are at fault. Many are distracted or driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or seemingly harmless prescription medications. Some, though, experience brake or transmission failure, accelerator malfunctions, and other problems. In these cases, the driver may not be at fault even though they were operating the vehicle at the time of the accident. Vehicle or parts manufacturers, mechanics, and other professionals could be the culprits. At times, state or county road maintenance departments are to blame.

Evidence Tells the Story

Although eyewitness accounts help determine the circumstances surrounding a collision, collecting evidence could be critical to the outcome of an accident case. Photos and video of the vehicles involved, the intersection or stretch of road where the accident occurred, visual obstructions, and other important details will come into play. Still, even the most detailed evidence could be somewhat inconclusive. In such instances, an expert witness, like an accident reconstruction specialist, may need to be called in. Attorneys have those connections.

Medical Paper Trails Are Vital

Basic auto insurance helps cover vehicle and property damage as well as certain medical expenses, but it’s not always enough. Recovering damages falling outside the standard policies will require proving the extent of any injuries sustained. This means having a medical exam immediately following the accident and upholding any follow-up appointments as well as keeping track of visits to medical specialists, therapists or other healthcare personnel. Automobile accidents attorneys in Valdosta, GA will use this paper trail to further prove the case.

Each vehicle accident is different. Not all warrant involving legal assistance, but some do. Be sure to collect as much evidence as possible and keep a solid record of all medical care resulting from injuries sustained in the accident. Attorneys can intervene from there to strengthen the case and piece together all the details.

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