What To Expect From A Disability Claims Advocate In Temecula, CA

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

In California, disability benefits provide financial assistance for individuals with disabilities. Claimants qualify for one of two disability programs. Their eligibility for the programs depends on if they worked previously and the severity of their disability. A Disability Claims Advocate in Temecula CA helps claimants who were denied the disability benefits.

Evaluating the Original Claim

Attorneys review the original claim and determine why the Social Security Administration denied the claim. The agency can’t deny a disability claim without offering a valid reason. The attorney determines if the reason follows the guidelines and laws related to Social Security Disability programs.

Reviewing the Medical Records

An assessment of the medical records determines if the evidence is strong enough to get an approval. If the records are inconclusive, the SSA cannot determine if the claimant is eligible for the programs. The denial documentation shows an inability to make a complete assessment due to a lack of records. The attorney helps the claimant collect records from each doctor that treated them for the disability.

What are the Limitations of the Disability?

The limitations of the disability must show an inability to work in any industry. The condition limits the claimant’s ability to perform job duties and maintain employment. The records show a debilitating effect on the claimant that isn’t controlled by medication or an effective medical treatment. The condition is ongoing and continues for at least one year.

How to Proceed After a Denial

The first option that all claimants have is filing for a reconsideration or appeal. A reconsideration requires the SSA to review the claim again. If the agency denies the claim, the next step is an appeal in court. The appeal is managed by a judge, and the court makes the final decision.

In California, disability programs offer financial assistance for disabled individuals and one of two healthcare insurance opportunities. The eligibility of the claim depends on their ability to work and how their condition affects them. Attorneys review the original claim and determine what errors were made after a denial. Claimants who need assistance from a Disability Claims Advocate in Temecula CA contact Eric R. Hunt Attorney right now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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