Team Collaboration and Spiritual Support Can Beat Addictions

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Rehabilitation Center

As scientists work to develop medicines to cure 20 million U.S. adults from addiction and relapse, collaborative and spiritual interventions must continue. One individual’s power over substance abuse should be a team effort with family, friends and professionals involved.

Family Roles

The most stable families suffer stress, sadness and financial losses when a member is addicted. Altogether, relatives can be a united front of safety for addicts to share low and high points with. Positive family pastimes include:

  • Hearty, nutritious meals
  • Alcohol and drug-free holidays, celebrations and gatherings
  • Increased communication and wellness checks

New Friends

Substance abusing is usually a communal activity. Past associates who remain users will pull recovered addicts right back in. A reformed social tapestry of sober, clean-living friends prevents such dangerous relapses.

A Christian recovery program in Orange County can be a source of like-minded friendships based on principles like health, honesty and peace.

Outstanding Professionals

A 24-hour, one to three month stay in an attractive facility is a giant step to change an addict’s exterior outlook and inspire inner change. During clinical residential drug rehab and partial hospitalizations, professionals assist with medical detox and behavioral therapy. Even outpatients must receive hands-on support for withdrawal symptoms and mental health stability.

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