The Importance of Proper Tree Care for Cape Coral Homeowners

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Tree Service

For people who own a home in the Cape Coral area, the benefits are many. With Florida’s wonderful semi-tropical climate, homeowners enjoy the best of the sunshine state year-round. However, one of the most important landscaping tools for Floridian homeowners is their trees. Having trees can offer wonderful shade against the intense sunlight during the warmest months of the year, which helps reduce the cost of air conditioning.

Keeping Up With Your Trees

While some homeowners believe that trees take care of themselves, this is far from the truth. The first time a homeowner may realize that their trees need regular care is when a tropical storm hits and broken tree branches cause their home or cars some structural damage. Often branch and limb loss during storms can be reduced with proper pruning and tree trimming in Cape Coral.

Understanding Tree Loss and Damage

Certain trees are more likely than others to lose branches and limbs in a storm, but all trees benefit from regular pruning. In most cases, trees that are pruned every three years withstand wind the best. This is because a tree specialist takes out overgrowth and also can take off any limbs that are damaged and remove them before they become airborne. If properly cared for, most trees will withstand traditional tropical storm systems.

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