The Importance of Humidity Controlled Self Storage in Birmingham, AL

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Alabama is known for hot, muggy weather that begins well before summer arrives. If you have certain types of belongings you want to keep in a storage facility, you’ll need humidity controlled self storage in Birmingham, AL, to make sure nothing is ruined by excess moisture in the air.


Anything made of wood can gradually warp because of high humidity. Wood furniture, woodwind instruments and guitars are just two examples. These objects also do not handle fluctuations in humidity very well since wood expands with moisture and contracts as the air becomes drier. That can lead to cracking.


Leather furniture, shoes and jackets also should be kept in humidity controlled self storage in Birmingham, AL. Otherwise mold may develop on these items or they may become discolored.


The same is true for goods made of imitation leather, which commonly are constructed of vinyl. Another item to consider is the vinyl record; collections of this music should not be stored in high humidity because of the potential for warping.

Heirlooms and Special Collections

Heirlooms, nostalgic possessions and special collections should also be kept in this kind of unit to ensure they do not become damaged by excessive moisture in the air. Photo collections should never be stored in a unit that might become hot and humid. Paintings on canvas, stamp collections and artwork that the children made may be precious belongings to protect.

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