• May 29, 2023

Tips For Buying Engagement Rings

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Making the choice on styles of engagement rings is a big decision, and actually has much more impact than may be expected at first glance. Men want to find that perfect ring, that special and unique ring, which will tell her how much she is loved now and in the future.

There is always a lot of pressure on the man, regardless of his age or income, to select just the right ring. After all, the engagement ring is likely to be the one piece of jewelry that your soon-to-hopefully-be wife will wear on a daily basis, so it has to capture her personality, her tastes and it has to signify your relationship.

Most men buying engagement rings New Jersey put themselves at a disadvantage that simply doesn’t need to exist. Today, with the ease of getting online and seeing what is available, you can educate yourself about the different styles and options and then go to the jeweler with a basic understanding of what you want.

The Price

Regardless of what you may have heard in a jewelry company advertisement, there is no magic number for the price of the ring. However, when it comes to engagement rings, they are an investment in the relationship and should be considered as such.

The price of a diamond ring, or a ring with diamonds and gemstones in a custom setting, is really all about the quality. The 4 Cs of a diamonds or the cut, color, clarity and carat weight will impact the price.

It is interesting to see how many men choose engagement rings based on carat weight alone. While this will produce a larger central diamond or group of diamonds, it is actually the color, cut and the clarity that create the fire, dazzle and brilliance that sets apart a top diamond.

Her Choice or an Informed Choice?

While there is a case to be made for bringing the girlfriend into the store and choosing the ring, this isn’t as romantic as a specially planned, romantic surprise proposal. If you want her to have that experience, shopping for engagement rings on your own is the only option.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have input. You may want to talk to her friends, her family and her coworkers and find out what shape, style and types of engagement rings are tops on her list.

Additionally, you can find a subtle and smooth way to talk about engagement rings with her in advance of your purchase. This allows you to have her input but still keep the engagement as a special surprise that ends with a ring she will love to wear.

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