Tips for Choosing Fire Alarms in Louisville, KY

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Fire and Security

Protecting your company from fire is essential, which is why there needs to be multiple fire alarms in any facility. These alarms help quickly notify people of fires, so they have time to reach safety. The question then becomes which Fire Alarms in Louisville, KY are the best for your purposes. Taking a few things into consideration can make the right decision a little bit clearer.

Type of Alarm

There are three main types of fire alarms commonly used in businesses, each with their pros and cons. Ionization alarms are good at detecting even small smoke particles, which are the common in the case of grease or paper fires, while photoelectric alarms are typically better at detecting the larger smoke particles from fires involving upholstery or electricity. For the best results, a dual-sensor alarm uses both of these methods, making it the most effective overall, although these alarms tend to be the most expensive.

Type of Battery

Nobody wants to be woken up late at night by a phone call about a fire alarm with a low battery. This can be averted by regularly changing the batteries each year, but another alternative is to purchase one of the newer alarms with lithium ion batteries instead of nine volt, AA, or AAA batteries. These batteries last as long as the smoke detector, so there’s no need to worry about the batteries dying.

Number of Alarms

For the best fire protection ability, Fire Alarms in Louisville, KY should be placed in every room of the company. A system that connects all the alarms together will make it so that any alarm will then be instantly heard throughout the whole facility. With all of the alarms going at once, it’s also hard to accidentally sleep through the alarm unless you’re a very sound sleeper.


One thing that’s vital is to look for the UL symbol in a circle on the alarm. This means that the fire alarm has been certified by the Underwriters Laboratory as meeting the current standards.

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