Top Reasons You Need a Disability Attorney in Greensboro, NC

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Filing a claim for Social Security disability insurance can be a very complicated process, and this is even more true when you are trying to do it by yourself. This is why it makes much more sense to hire disability attorneys in Greensboro.

Improved Chances

Most initial claims that are submitted are declined. While hiring a lawyer to aid you in the process is not a 100% assurance that it will not be denied, it does significantly increase your chances for approval.

Avoid Bad Facts

While everyone may have information that shows them in an unfavorable light, an experienced attorney will be able to instead illuminate the good facts of the case so that the Social Security board will be more likely to make a decision in your favor.

Question Preparation

Many people get nervous when they have to answer questions from officials. This is even more true when there is insurance money on the line that the person needs to be able to live. An experienced attorney will prep you on the best way to answer these questions which is, of course, honest, but that is also as short as possible.

Appeal Denials

Even if your case has been denied, disability attorneys in Greensboro will be able to file an appeal on your behalf. This again plays into the benefit of legal aid and having a better chance of approval because of it.

If you need legal help with a Social Security disability claim, please contact Collins Price, PLLC.

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