Top Things To Look For When Shopping For Gardall Safes in Nassau County, NY

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Most people do not think about safes when they are buying a home or agreeing to rent an apartment. However, a safe is one of the most important things one can invest in, as they are the only thing preventing the loss of personal documents and other valuables. Here are some things to look for when out shopping for Gardall Safes in Nassau County NY.

Make Sure It’s Fireproof

Probably the most essential characteristic of the safe is that it be fireproof. Safes are rated to be fireproof for a certain length of time. Look for ones rated to be fireproof for several hours. A higher rating will give the firemen or emergency workers time to retrieve the safe if the residence burns down.

Rated By Cash Value

All quality safes, such as Gardall Safes in Nassau County NY, have a cash rating. This rating indicates the level of protection the safe provides as well as the number of valuables that should be left in the safe.

Size Does Matter

It is vital to determine how much space is needed to store the valuables. While bigger may not always be better, an appropriately sized safe certainly is. Think about what items will be stored and then consult a salesperson to determine what size safe will be needed. Leave extra room available so additional things may be stored in the future.

What Locks Are Most Convenient?

Depending on what is in the safe, it may need to be accessed quickly. There are also times when only a certain person should access the safe. For instance, if there are guns stored in the safe, the owner certainly does not want children or unscrupulous people finding the key and unlocking it. For situations such as this, a fingerprint access system is probably the most appropriate. On the other hand, if the safe contains documents such as birth certificates or insurance policies, a key or combination entry method should be sufficient.

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