• May 24, 2022

Skilled Electrical Installation in Salem, OR for Both Commercial and Industrial Facilities

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As businesses in the commercial or industrial sectors steadily gain success, they eventually outgrow their production space. To alleviate the problem, these companies look for the most affordable way to expand, a process that commonly requires new Electrical Installation in Salem OR. Whether a company is constructing additional facilities, remodeling their existing layout, or moving production into a new space, a skilled team of electricians should be hired to ensure all of the electrical work is properly completed and up to code.

All Installations and Repairs are Possible

Electrical work can vary greatly depending on the company and its current needs. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as the addition of new outlets or replacement of light fixtures. In other cases, it can be as intricate as rewiring part of a building or tracking down a malfunctioning switch in a large warehouse. In any case, companies like Safety Electric Inc. are prepared to provide a free service quote no matter how complex the job may be. To get this process started, the contractors encourage customers to “Contact us” by filling out a request on their website, emailing their customer service representative, or simply making a phone call.

Modifications are Not a Problem

Another instance of commercial and industrial facilities requiring professional electrical assistance is during renovation work. This type of undertaking typically involves the construction or removal of walls as well as the relocation of equipment that utilizes specialized electrical service. To assist in this transition, a team of electrical contractors can be hired to run electrical lines into new areas, replace existing outlets or power supplies with more up-to-date equipment, and set up additional circuit breakers, so the newly updated areas aren’t overloaded.

No Discrimination Against Clientele

Some electrical contractors work strictly with large industries and won’t bother with smaller commercial facilities. This is why companies like Safety Electric Inc. make themselves available to all commercial customers. Regardless of whether the client is a school, store, medical clinic, or restaurant, this team of contractors is prepared to provide inspections, repair, or Electrical Installation in Salem OR in a timely and efficient manner.