• July 5, 2022

Understanding the Major Differences in Potential Harm From Earwigs Termite in Pearl City

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An invasion of earwigs isn’t the most troubling event that might take place in a home, but an invasion of termites is cause for alarm. Earwigs are mostly a nuisance, but they are relatively innocuous bugs. Termites, in contrast, can cause remarkable damage to wood before anyone realizes what’s happening. When it comes to Earwigs Termite Pearl City residents need effective pest control service.

Social Structure

Termites live in colonies and are highly social creatures. Earwigs are more solitary, even when they are seen in groups. They do not have hierarchies in their world like termites do of workers, soldiers, and the queen and king. These are important points because if an earwig gets into a house, it will not bring an army of other earwigs along. In contrast, termites invade in huge numbers.

Property Damage

Typically, the worst damage an earwig does is in a garden or other outdoor areas with young plants. They usually only venture indoors when the weather gets cold, which isn’t a concern in this region. Sometimes, though, they’ll sneak in if they sense a food source. Earwigs commonly are found in damp parts of the house like shower drains. They may look a little scary because they have pincers in back, but they are generally harmless to humans.


It’s true that an earwig might crawl into a person’s ear while that individual is sleeping, but a spider might do so as well. Earwigs don’t crawl down the ear canal, lay eggs there or get into anyone’s brain. Those are myths that are useful for fictional horror stories and nothing more.

Professional Assistance

When it comes to Earwigs Termite Pearl City pest control, people who suspect or know that a problem has developed will want to call for professional assistance. This is particularly crucial with termites, which can be extremely difficult to eradicate without expert help.

Like earwigs, termites are not known to bite humans or their pets. However, they can chew through a lot of wood and hollow it out without anyone even realizing the bugs are inside for a long time. Pest control services like Bowman Termite & Pest Management, represented , are ready to help. You can also connect them on Facebook.