What Are The Benefits Of Microdermabrasion In St. Johns FL?

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Botox injections require a small needle going under the skin which is filled with something that is related to food poisoning. Face lifts are expensive and invasive, not to mention, you are under anesthesia and have surgical wraps to cover your scars for at least a week or more. With Microdermabrasion in St. Johns FL, you can enjoy what is referred to as a lunchtime face-lift that may cause slight discomfort but there are no invasive techniques or anesthesia required.

Microdermabrasion does not use any invasive techniques or harsh chemicals that, depending on the physician or technical assistant, can do more harm than good. The technique instead utilizes very fine crystals to perform an exfoliation of sorts. Depending on the skin condition, a more powerful vacuum may also be used in conjunction with the crystals to get rid of dead skin cells. The removal of old cells gives way to youthful more collagen-ingested cells that promote healthy and youthful cells on the skin’s surface.

The best thing about the Microdermabrasion in St. Johns FL that apart from not wearing makeup the same day as the procedure, you can go back to your normal activities afterward. There may be a slight discomfort such as you would feel after a windstorm or swimming and the face may feel a little tight, but other than that, your skin is normal with no visual side effects.

The only time that the crystal-using exfoliating facial procedure is not recommended is if a patient is pregnant or nursing. Often times the skin is already sensitive and not acting normally, so a microdermabrasion appointment may not do anything to help the skin condition. Also, much like nursing or pregnant patients, patients considering the procedure are recommended to be over 14 years old, so that hormones will not change the effects of an appointment or numerous appointments. To know more about microdermabrasion in St. Johns FL, contact The Fountain of Beauty.

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