When Do You Need a Window Replacement?

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Window

Everyone prefers a window repair to a replacement, including you. You do not want to spend any more money than necessary. However, you cannot afford to compromise the safety and integrity of the house. There are good and bad times when you should replace a window. So, know the most appropriate times to get a window replacement.

Large Cracks

Cracks are bad and unsightly, but they are usually repairable. In some cases, you might have cracks that are so long and big that they are unacceptable for repair. The window repair person does not have the tools or skills to repair a crack of that magnitude. Also, cracks of a significant size and depth are likely to get bigger and deeper. In cold weather, it could be a situation that results in the window breaking open.

When it comes to large cracks instead of small ones, do not wait until the window breaks apart. Your best option is to replace the entire window.

Gaping Holes in Glass Windows

There are ways to repair very small holes in glass windows. However, the work is not the same for repairing large, gaping holes. You may have a hole that you can put your whole hand in and take back out. Even if you cannot fit a whole hand through, the hole is still big enough to expose the room to the natural elements. Wind, rain, and debris will come inside of the house and spread around the room. Gaping holes are not useful to have in any window of the house.

The repair solution is to install more glass into the hole as filler. However, this process is difficult and not guaranteed to work. Aesthetically, if you did this, you would notice that the filler glass is slightly different from the rest of the glass in color and thickness. It is better to install a new sheet that looks the same without any blemishes or noticeable repairs.


If you see tape on a window, or you consider putting tape there, the chances are that you need a window replacement Napa CA. You cannot expect flimsy duct tape to hold the glass together for good. A house pet could come along and pick at the edges. Over time, the adhesive could wear away and cause the tape to fall apart. At some point, you will need to replace the glass, so you might as well do it right away.

No one wants to anticipate having to spend thousands of dollars on a new window. However, no one should have to live in fear that a burglar or some sort of animal will come into the home. You need to know all of factors that cause people to replace their windows. Then, take the steps to protect your home from harm. Contact Northwest Exteriors for more information!

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