Window Replacement Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

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Need window replacement Marin County? If you live in a drafty home, you may be aware of the energy being lost through the windows and walls. To reduce your energy bills, you should consider replacing your old windows with new ones. Energy efficient windows are designed to prevent your cooled or heated air from escaping from your property. Their increased insulation reduces your property’s energy usage and your energy costs!

Energy Savings: Yes, new replacement windows can help you save cash on your monthly energy bills. Replacing single-pane windows with energy-efficient windows can save people between $120 and $470 a year, depending on where they live and how many windows they replace.

Federal Tax Credits: To help with the cost of replacing your old windows, you can apply for a federal tax credit. You do not need to replace every window in your home to qualify, but you must use Energy Star windows as replacements.

Installation: Even the most energy-efficient windows must be properly installed by professionals to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. Make sure your windows are installed by experienced professionals. Your replacement windows should be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to perform correctly.

Choosing Windows: Choose replacement windows with double-pane or triple-pane glass. Multiple panes of glass can increase energy efficiency dramatically. Look for replacements windows that have the Energy Star logo. Energy Star windows are very efficient and need to meet a variety of standards in order to earn the badge.

You have the power to save money on your monthly energy bills. For window replacement Marin County, call Northwest Exteriors at 559-440-6114 right right now to schedule a free in-home estimate on replacement windows! We can stop your hard-earned money from going down the drain. You can’t go wrong with Northwest Exteriors energy-efficient windows!