Keep Little Creatures Away with Tree Trimming in Dunwoody GA and Elsewhere

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Your home is great. That’s why little creatures like termites, ants, mice, rats, squirrels and racoons want to live in your home, too. Don’t make it easier for them to get into your home uninvited by letting your trees grow too close to your home. Tree trimming in Dunwoody GA and elsewhere helps keep these uninvited guests out.

Trees Act as Invitations

Overgrown trees with branches near any part of your home make it easy for little pests to get into your home. Mammals that climb and jump well, like gray squirrels, can leap from your tree or a branch to get onto your roof. Once they are on the roof, they look for any weaknesses or openings to get into your attic or crawl space and cause havoc.

Dealing with Squirrels

Squirrels are the best long-distance jumpers of Georgia wildlife. From standing still, they can leap about ten feet. This is why it’s best to get all branches trimmed so that they are at least ten feet away from your roof or the upper sides of the house.

But I’ve Treated the Soil for Termites

One of the most effective treatments for termites is soil treatment. However, this only protects the ground around your home. Tree branches can grow over the treated soil, making a safe bridge for termites to crawl on. They do not jump as well as squirrels, but any branch touching the house will be irresistible to termites or other insects.

The Least You Need to Know

Keep your home safe from pests is by getting a professional tree trimming in Dunwoody GA area. If you need your trees trimmed, contact TreeDog Atlanta Services LLC today.